Martin nominated for Fastball

A big congratulations to our Director of Photography (and Producer) Martin Wojtunik for his Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) "best cinematography in a short film" nomination for Fastball. He shares the nomination with an incredible group of nominees, and we're all super proud of him. Of course, it's not a surprise; Martin has made Fastball look beautiful and haunting, and it's wonderful that others are appreciating what he's done. 


Here's a link to the live stream of the awards:

He's made the April CSC magazine as well:

Fastball in Oakville!

We're very excited to announce that Fastball has been chosen to screen at the Willson Oakville Film Festival on June 24th, 2016. You can order tickets to see Fastball (and all the other great films) at

Fastball has been programmed to screen before Julie Delpy's new film LOLO (Sunday June 24, 3:30), which I'm looking forward to seeing. She's a great director, and it's an honour to have Fastball anywhere near something she's created. 

360° Kids PSA shoot

My good friend and talented camera-dude Dave Dunville asked me if I wanted to help him out on a shoot for this great organization 360°kids

The concept is showing young kids holding signs with messages as if they are homeless. They were really going for a shock factor- imagining these children in need. 

We had 16 kids to film in 16 different locations. We filmed in Unionville- just off of the main street, called, er, Main Street.

The edit is happening now, but I thought I'd share a couple screen shots.



Dave did an incredible job; it looks great. We shot with the Blackmagic Production Camera in 4K (scaled it down to HD in post) with 24mm and 85mm Rokinon Cine Lenses. Everything was outdoors, and it was supposed to be an overcast day...but the sun poked out a bit. Our lighting was one bounce. 

Here's me looking pained for some reason:


Dave finished the edit, and the client here it is:

You would care if they were 6 years old, why not when they’re 16? They’re still just kids. They’re our kids and they need our help. Please help us ensure that Every Kid Matters. Donate Today: Big thanks goes to the staff and youth at 360Kids for making the day run smoothly. Filmed by Dave Dunville and Jeremy McCracken


I'm in the middle of pre-production on a short film called Fastball. This will be quite different from the work I've been on lately: this one is extremely planned out. Every shot will be figured out before we start shooting. It's not necessarily the type of filmmaking I think I'll be doing regularly; I enjoy the spontaneity of improv and figuring things out while working. This film, though, requires the preparation. 

It's a script I've been poking at over the past couple years. It centers on a young ten year old boy trying to deal with his emotions brought on by the death of his mother. (And I want to be a comedy director!) These emotions are mostly made manifest by anger, the go-to feeling of a ten year old boy. It has baseball as a backdrop; this is how the young character deals with his pain. 

I remember being ten. I had a temper that is hard for me to comprehend now. When something confused me, I got frustrated, angry. For me personally, it was the only real emotion I can remember from that time. This short is going to tap into that a bit.

SO. Right now: script is done. Storyboards being worked on. I'll be scouting (farm/barn) locations next week with my DP, Martin Wojtunik. We've had a couple meetings to talk about the look. We get each other- I'm confident this will look and feel as beautiful as I'm picturing it. Going to shoot on the RED Epic. Looking for a production designer and wardrobe.

I've got a look-book put together of inspiration. I can't stop thinking about Caleb Deschanel's work on The Natural. I love the colors and the use of shadows. I've also been watching Terrence Malick's work, specifically focusing on Days of Heaven. Rich silhouettes. Here are a few shots I'm in love with:

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

Days of Heaven (1976) Dir. Terrence Malick DP.  Néstor Almendros

Days of Heaven (1976) Dir. Terrence Malick DP. Néstor Almendros

I'd like to keep updating here with news as production progresses.