Welcome. I'll try to keep this updated with projects I'm working on. We'll see how that goes. 

Currently I'm preparing for a short film shoot at the end of May. I'm also just finishing up the short Baraboo, starring three of the guys from PHOX ( and a great filmmaker named Michael Doyle-Olson ( Check out their art. I'm fortunate to have been able to work with them. There's a teaser for the short up now; I'll get the full edit up as soon as I figure out if it makes sense to put it here. We shot it in a day in Baraboo, Wisconsin (the Phox peeps hometown) with an outline of a script. Everyone improvised their dialogue; I'm so incredibly impressed.  This was as low-key, low-budget as can be: two of us on DSLRs, one of the actors on the boom when not in shot (Davey), and just showing up at locations in Baraboo. They're incredibly friendly and easy going in Baraboo. I think it's a Mid-west thing. Really, all we had to pay for was beer and bowling. And Culver's. Oh, sweet, sweet Culver's.....