I'm in the middle of pre-production on a short film called Fastball. This will be quite different from the work I've been on lately: this one is extremely planned out. Every shot will be figured out before we start shooting. It's not necessarily the type of filmmaking I think I'll be doing regularly; I enjoy the spontaneity of improv and figuring things out while working. This film, though, requires the preparation. 

It's a script I've been poking at over the past couple years. It centers on a young ten year old boy trying to deal with his emotions brought on by the death of his mother. (And I want to be a comedy director!) These emotions are mostly made manifest by anger, the go-to feeling of a ten year old boy. It has baseball as a backdrop; this is how the young character deals with his pain. 

I remember being ten. I had a temper that is hard for me to comprehend now. When something confused me, I got frustrated, angry. For me personally, it was the only real emotion I can remember from that time. This short is going to tap into that a bit.

SO. Right now: script is done. Storyboards being worked on. I'll be scouting (farm/barn) locations next week with my DP, Martin Wojtunik. We've had a couple meetings to talk about the look. We get each other- I'm confident this will look and feel as beautiful as I'm picturing it. Going to shoot on the RED Epic. Looking for a production designer and wardrobe.

I've got a look-book put together of inspiration. I can't stop thinking about Caleb Deschanel's work on The Natural. I love the colors and the use of shadows. I've also been watching Terrence Malick's work, specifically focusing on Days of Heaven. Rich silhouettes. Here are a few shots I'm in love with:

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

The Natural (1984) Dir. Barry Levinson DP. Caleb Deschanel

Days of Heaven (1976) Dir. Terrence Malick DP.  Néstor Almendros

Days of Heaven (1976) Dir. Terrence Malick DP. Néstor Almendros

I'd like to keep updating here with news as production progresses. 


Jeremy McCracken

Curio Film Studios, Toronto, Ontario