360° Kids PSA shoot

My good friend and talented camera-dude Dave Dunville asked me if I wanted to help him out on a shoot for this great organization 360°kids

The concept is showing young kids holding signs with messages as if they are homeless. They were really going for a shock factor- imagining these children in need. 

We had 16 kids to film in 16 different locations. We filmed in Unionville- just off of the main street, called, er, Main Street.

The edit is happening now, but I thought I'd share a couple screen shots.



Dave did an incredible job; it looks great. We shot with the Blackmagic Production Camera in 4K (scaled it down to HD in post) with 24mm and 85mm Rokinon Cine Lenses. Everything was outdoors, and it was supposed to be an overcast day...but the sun poked out a bit. Our lighting was one bounce. 

Here's me looking pained for some reason:


Dave finished the edit, and the client approved...so here it is:

You would care if they were 6 years old, why not when they’re 16? They’re still just kids. They’re our kids and they need our help. Please help us ensure that Every Kid Matters. Donate Today: http://bit.do/360kids Big thanks goes to the staff and youth at 360Kids for making the day run smoothly. Filmed by Dave Dunville and Jeremy McCracken